Bach Soloist Professionial Trumpet

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This is a Bach Soloist professional trumpet built in the USA.  These are designed after the Bach Model 37 using a similar bell and the same parts as far as valve casing, slides, etc.  This one is in great, almost mint shape and plays great!  The biggest difference is that the 3rd slide finger ring is adjustable and there is no stop rod assembly as found on the Stradivarius horns.  The serial number is 558xxx which would indicate a 2001-2 manufacture date, a good year yet for Bachs.

The trumpet has just been completely serviced which includes: complete disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning of all parts, replacement of valve pads and replaced stop rod parts missing, re-assembly and alignment of slides, shining and play testing so it is completely ready to play.  The silver finish is in near mint condition --- looks to be 100%.  The valves look like new and are nice and quick.  Slides all move freely as they should and the 1st and 3rd work well.  This is one very nice professional quality horn which appears to have been well cared for and, after this servicing, is ready to goThis trumpet plays great - a rich Bach sound!  We had a similar Bach Soloist trumpet to this one play tested by Dr. James Bovinette, trumpet instructor at ISU in Ames, Iowa and you can see that here:

New Stradivarius trumpets in lacquer retail for $3,160 and sell for over $2,249 at the stores we checked.  These Soloist models are generally sold in the the Rent to Own program at dealers and sell for around $2500 from what we've been told.

Many of our customers will buy a professional quality trumpet like this rather than an intermediate or high-priced student trumpet for their high school, undergraduate musician or even middle schooler for a number of reasons including:

  1. the professional trumpets are better built and sound better

  2. the resale value of the pro trumpets holds up very well compared to intermediate or student trumpets

  3. if their musician goes on to advanced lessons, the pro trumpet will not have to be upgraded, and

  4. many of the band directors are now requiring silver professional model trumpets

The extras in this package plus the servicing already done make this a real value -- you won't be running back to the music store after your trumpet purchase as they are included FREE with your purchase!  Be sure to check out the pictures below and - we have several and if you don't see one you'd like, please let us know.  Returns are allowed but you won't be returning this one after you've played it!

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Bach Soloist
Professionial Trumpet




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