1962 Conn 38B Connstellation Trumpet

** in Nice Vintage Condition **

This is a 1962 Conn Connstellation 38B Connstellation model vintage pro trumpet.  These have been used over the years by many great players including Maynard Ferguson, Joe Marcinkiewicz and others.  The large 5 1/8" bell and small #1 0.438" bore make for a great combination -- easy playing and big sound.  This one was made during the era when the bells and leadpipes were made from copper and nickel-silver plated over which makes them more desirable than other vintages.

We were going to ultrasonically clean the horn but after looking it over closely, it appeared to have been cleaned recently so we swabbed out the leadpipe, checked the slides and valves and re-assembled it with Ultra-Pure valve oil and lube.  We also noticed that the pads on the top valve caps were the type used by specialists who do valve alignments although we can not attest that a recent alignment was done. The valves have great compression, look spotless and have a nice short stroke for fast passages.  The slides are free, the 1st valve trigger works well and the 3rd slide is fluid.

There are only a couple of small dings which may be seen in the photos below but overall it is is in great vintage condition.  The engraving is sharp and crisp.  The clear lacquer applied at the Conn manufacture plant back in 1962 shows some signs of clouding and we left that as is.

These horns really play well and this one is no exception.  It has that big, bold Connstellation sound sought after by the players who used them and the players who still use them today.  This one has an original Conn Connstellation case to complete the package.  No mouthpiece is included.

Please check the pictures below and if you have any questions, please let me know.


Additional Pictures