1949 Olds
Los Angeles LA Special Trumpet

This is an very nice vintage Olds LA Special trumpet.  The serial number 24360 indicates a manufacture date in 1949 when the Olds company was doing some of it's best work at the original Los Angeles plant.  The Special was the next model up from their Ambassador line and, although it was only 2nd in their trumpet lineup, many feel it was one of the best horns they made at the time.  Rumor has it that it was basicly one of their professional models ( an Olds Super or Recording design ) without the tone ring or triggers.  Another thing to note, on the earlier LA models like this, the brass was made thinner and of a different composition than the later brass during the LA period.  Many of the later horns were very heavy, built like tanks, and the tone was comparitively deadened by the thick brass.  But, these earlier ones have a nice open tone quality with a bit of a brighter sound and the sound is sought after by many who are familiar with this.

We completely serviced this trumpet including the following:  disassembled it, cleaned up all the slides, brushed out the leadpipe (looks great by the way), replaced all the valve felts, lubed it up with Ultra-Pure valve oil and tuning slide grease (the best there is --> see here) and reassembled it.  We also removed a small ripple in the bell area along with all accessible dents and dings so it looks much nicer than when we started!  The horn is primarily all in raw brass with a little lacquer remaining on about 30% of the horn.  We polished a couple of areas just to see what it would look like all polished up and it would look nice.  Many like the raw brass look and believe it helps the horn resonate better.

The horn plays great too!  We compared this to a 1960s Fullerton Special and this horn has a bigger, more full tone.  It seems to respond better also.

Please check the additional photos below.

Additional Photos

The valves serial numbers match the valve casings numbers.

Each of the slides has the last two digits of the serial number "60"
stamped on them.